World Wide Bunkering

MALIK SUPPLY A/S has as its vision to be the preferred partner of bunkers and lubricants to the maritime industry.

The main focus of Malik Supply A/S trading division is to procure quality bunkers at competitive pricing throughout the World. Our company trademarks are professional integrity and high customer service.
Malik Supply A/S has more than 25 years of experience in trading bunkers. We have through our company set up as a physical supplier a strong and highly reputed name in the bunker industry.
Malik Supply A/S has since its inception strived for the highest service level and keeping its promises to any counterpart. Hence we have been able to maintain an extensive network of credits supporting our worldwide coverage. 
We experience that by being able to combine our professional integrity with our in house technical knowledge and global trading expertise our clients benefit from these value adding services.
To hear more about our key trading areas and worldwide trading in general contact our Worldwide team on

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