MEET CHRISTINA NIELSEN 2021-12-10T14:17:28+02:00


Title: Marketing Employee
Education: Interactive Digital Media (MA),
Specialist areas: Marketing and communication


My Career path:

I have always had a broad interest in communication, marketing, research, and design – and luckily so far, my work experience has involved these fields. After graduation, I got a job as a UX researcher and designer in the water solutions industry. After my maternity leave, it was important for me to be able to balance work with family life, and that was possible at Malik Supply.

Having a 30-hour workweek, being able to work from home and plan my days independently, gives a great deal of flexibility. Your priorities change when you start a family of your own, at least for me they did. Having that balance, especially while the kids are small, makes a huge difference.

What I do:

Overall, you could say that we in marketing make sure that our brand is represented, that we tell our story – making sure our services and values are known among customers and partners. Also we support sales and management with their requests for presentations, adds etc. In practice that means that we/I help coordinate marketing strategies and manage/update budgets. Other tasks involve the creation of promotional messages across multiple channels and manage social media, website, campaigns, and newsletters. Also, we monitor and do follow-ups on analytics, evaluating the performance of our digital presence and report the status and findings to management.

It’s a natural part of my approach to be curious about and interested in understanding the people we are designing or communicating to.

What drives me:

Working together with likeminded people, creating results together, that benefit both business, customers – and ultimately leave the world a better place. I like the diversity in the tasks and that I can help in many areas. Being involved early on in projects and seeing the results is also motivating.

What I like most in my job/working at Malik Supply:

There is a great focus on employee wellbeing, and everyone is accepted for who they are. Most importantly the company values align with my personal belief system: Working together as a team, showing respect, being professional and daring to challenge status quo. I like the atmosphere at the office, my colleagues and that we work together to create results.